Thursday, April 11, 2013

Auto-Immune System Recovery Plan - Recommended

Dr. Susan Blum (a consultant to Dr. Oz) just published "The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor's 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease."  Her book addresses why these seemingly unrelated symptoms could point to an autoimmune disorder:
  • Constant exhaustion, irritability, or feelings of being sick
  • Feeling hot or cold when others are not
  • Brain fog and lack of ability to concentrate
  • Hair loss, dry skin and unexplained weight fluctuation?
  • Swelling, aching joints without obvious causes
Dr. Blum emphasizes gluten up front for its increasingly-acknowledged role in causing these and many other problems. She gives a history of gluten that includes:

"(T)here has been an increase in the use of genetic modification in the wheat grown in our country since the 1940s. The genetically modified wheat has been altered to have more gluten because it is thought to make the plant heartier. In addition, there are several different proteins that make up gluten, and it is the most toxic variety that has become more concentrated."

Blum goes on to cite Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and healer of diabetes-related conditions, who detailed how wheat has changed over time in "Wheat Belly." According to Dr. Davis, "wheat really changed in 1943, when it was intentionally reengineered so that there would be more yield per acre, in a misguided effort to help end world hunger."  Sad but true. 

Beyond gluten, Blum talks in easy-to-understand terms about autoimmune triggers, including environmental toxins and infections; recommends specific supplements; offers recipes (for going gluten/dairy/soy/corn free to get started--they look good, by the way), and has step-by-step recommendations for healing the gut, liver, nervous system, and adrenal glands. She includes plenty of great research citations as well as self-guided workbook--to assess everything from food sensitivities and stress to levels of pancreatic enzymes, stomach acid, and bile.  

Autoimmune issues plaguing you? I can definitely recommend Dr. Blum's book--as someone who has overcome Sj√łgren's and leaky gut and dealt with multiple food sensitivities. Write to me or add your comments below. 

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