Monday, April 15, 2013

Raspberry Ketones: Solvents for Fat?!

Everyone was raving about raspberry ketones last year for ravishing results in fitting rooms and on scales alike. And, I mean everyone. Dr. Oz. Fitness trainers. Consumers. My own brother, Stephen, is pretty sure his intake of two capsules a day is helping him stay trim.

I'm not sure what we will learn about raspberry ketones in the future but I think it's interesting that ketones as a chemical class are often used as solvents (like butanone for major industrial applications) or as thinners (think acetone for nail polish and paint thinning) or as other kinds of diffusers (ketones cannot bond to one another, so they are quite volatile and disperse easily, making them good for use in perfumes).

Hmm. Solvents, thinners, diffusers. Wouldn't these all be nice ways to deal with fat?

It's been a little over a year since Dr. Oz promoted raspberry ketones as a "miracle fat-burner in a bottle" for weight loss. With similarities to cayenne pepper's active ingredients, capsaicin and synephrine, raspberry ketones appear to have this solvent kind of action that breaks fats down.

They also may have an ability to get "brown fat" to turn up the heat and increase metabolism. Brown fat, it turns out, helps the body warm itself up and use up energy stores (as opposed to white fat, whose job it is to store fat). And, brown fat is likely to keep attracting research attention as our nation keeps getting fatter.

While the studies on raspberry ketones have only been with mice and with cells in the laboratory, the results point to potential for reduced fat in the liver and in the belly (that nasty "white" fat that is associated with stress and markers for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, bone loss, and even dementia, yikes!). Clearly, much is left to be explored.

I have just started taking raspberry ketones, so I have nothing (zip, nada) to report just yet. I'm keen to drop the belly fat I've put on in the last two years (never had problems with putting weight on but now I've got that proverbial 10 pounds to drop!).

I'm interested in your results if you've been taking them over the last year. Write to me with your experiences.

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