Friday, March 1, 2013

Cancer "Survivors" and More

At the conference yesterday, I spent time with people who were healing from cancer, those who considered themselves survivors, and those who are called to work as healers.

One woman, Melissa, from Jupiter, FL was both a healer (she works with many cancer patients as an energy worker) and also "in the process" of healing from her breast cancer. It was an important distinction she felt moved to share after she heard Teri describe herself as a "survivor" of two cancers.

Melissa said that people "survive" car accidents but that addressing cancer is more of a "process," a process of learning about diet (and maintaining new habits in eating), a process of learning which nutrients and which botanicals are helpful (and whether they are well tolerated in one's own system), a process of healing emotional wounds that create disturbances in the immune system (for her, learning to take better care of herself was key), and a process of contacting God or "Source" and remembering that no one is alone in this journey called life.

I also had the privilege of spending time with our friend, Bill Henderson, a man with the patience and heart of a saint, a man who has helped many thousands of people on their own journeys of healing.

I heard many stories yesterday and will hear many more today and tomorrow. There is something profoundly intimate about the space  that is opened when people are asked: "Are you healing or are you a healer?" A door opens to a person's whole life in a way that it rarely does at an exhibitor table at a conference.


Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

I also met one of the most wonderful healers, a rare integrative optometrist named Walter Chao from South Florida. I would have believed it if Walter were one of the presenters, so knowledgeable was he in topics ranging from how detoxification protocols help dissolve cataracts and how people with thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) should NOT use iodine (think: Lugol's or Iodoral), as iodine is like pouring gasoline on the fire of thryoid malfunction. I look forward to interviewing Walter and sharing his gentle, soulful, kind yet incredibly knowledgeable approach to all things integrative in medicine. Thanks to Ann Fonfa for attracting some lovely people to her conference last week. :-)

T D Thompson said...

Two books I've lately read and highly recommend as the best yet are:
Suzanne Somer's, "Knockout" (every reference on who to see and how to cure cancer) and Jenny Thompson's "Miracles From the Vault" on the same kind of references on many various diseases. Jenny's book is available from only Health Sciences Inst. in Baltimore, Md. with a membership of about $35. Highly worth it. I've been a member for years.
Note: I agree with Cindy and might add that to detoxify or especially naturally treat cancer, one must find a naturopath to coach and also run tests to avoid dangerous complications.
T.D. Thompson, Alamogordo, NM
(I remain in fine health at 82 thanks to the Coops supplements since 2002.)