Thursday, February 28, 2013

Annie Appleseed Cancer Therapies Conference this Week

Flemming and I have a new home in Montclair Highlands (Oakland/Berkeley area). We are surrounded by a community that is committed to all things integrative.

We feel blessed to have access to fresh air and great outdoor hiking (oaks and redwoods and eucalyptus intermingling in that oh-so-California way). We adore the fresh farmers markets and love having access to cutting-edge therapies (from some of the most in-the-know naturopaths and osteopaths in the world).  Healers of almost every tradition seem to congregate within a stone's throw of one another, making the Bay Area a rich ecosystem of ever-improving health treatments and practices.

Not everyone has such access. When chronic disease gains a name--like "diabetes" or "multiple sclerosis"--after a fateful lab test, a range of negative emotions can set in.

Cancer, however, strikes people in an even more dastardly way, with abnormal cells dividing in uncontrolled ways and the "cause" not coming from a single pathogen or lifestyle choice. Cancer triggers primordial fears of being invaded, by something that is alien and dangerous and uncontrollable.  

Flemming's dear friend, Pia, had her first chemotherapy treatment this week for stage IV liver cancer. I keep thinking of Pia and am so saddened that her complaints were routinely brushed off as fatigue over the years and she was not tested earlier. And now, Pia's physicians disdainfully dismiss her inquiries about complementary and alternative therapies. My heart goes out to Pia, who has done selfless work with children who have lost their parents, and who faces parenting her young son alone as she faces cancer treatments. Cancer is very much on my mind and touching my heart this week.

I will be attending the Annie Appleseed Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies conference today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I look forward to seeing Ann Fonfa, the hard-working and heartful woman who founded the Annie Appleseed Project (after surviving breast cancer herself). I also look forward to seeing Bill Henderson, the author of Cancer-Free, a man who lost his wife to cancer and has dedicated himself to helping others beat cancer naturally. Bill has long been a friend of our company.

And, I very much look forward to hearing the words of possibility as the speakers take the podium to share proven approaches to curing cancer. And, as I listen and learn, I will share news on the many alternative routes to healing the darkness (physical and emotional) that descends when cancer attacks. If any of you will be at the conference this week (at the Embassy Suites Hotel near the airport in West Palm Beach, FL), please find me so we can talk.

May all of you who have survived cancer be blessed. May all of you who are facing cancer be doubly blessed.

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