Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skin Rashes? Consider Eliminating Dairy

I'm no genius but one thing continues to be abundantly clear. People with problems with dairy have problems with their skin. Call it dandruff. Call it eczema. Call it flaky skin (on arms, legs, backs, anywhere). It's a signal that something is wrong because the skin is the body's last ditch effort to rid itself of toxins that it cannot otherwise process or eliminate effectively.

It's not rocket science even though with all the money to be made on ointments and shampoos that take the itch out of skin rashes you would think curing dandruff and eczema was complicated. Baby doctors tell breastfeeding mothers to eliminate dairy if their babies have skin rashes and sinus stuffiness and other not-so-nice symptoms. Natural medicine doctors recommend that their patients eliminate dairy (along with gluten) whenever chronic symptoms appear, including diagnoses like psoriasis.

Me? I have recommended that my mother eliminate dairy. She has rosacea, which causes problems with the texture and coloring of the skin on her face. With dairy, she ends up with itchy peeling skin exacerbating her skin problems. Within a few days of eliminating dairy, my mom's itchy skin disappears. It has taken such endless encouragement to help my mom make the dairy/skin rash connection and also to be motivated enough to "throw away the cheese." She prefers rice milk now, so the next big step is staying away from cheese. Fingers crossed, as she has much more self esteem when her face is not so so blotchy and itchy.

If you have a family member who depends on dandruff shampoo or has itchy skin or a recurring skin rash, consider helping them "Ditch the Dairy" for a week and see what changes. Leave a comment if you take up a "Ditch the Dairy" challenge of your own.


Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago, I got some bad frozen yogurt from the supermarket (a major brand) and broke out in boils all over my body and face. Since then I was not able to ingest any dairy or cheese products with breaking out with rashes on my lower back, sides, and upper legs.

I started taking your probiotics occasionally about 4 years ago. It did not solve the dairy problem. Then in the last year, I started taking your pre-biotics and probiotics together before a meal 3 times a week (1 of each). Suddenly, I find recently that I can consume an ice cream, or cheese with absolutely no rashes or consequences. I believe that taking a prebiotic and probiotic together fixed my body issues as it relates to dairy consumption. BTW, I still avoid dairy most of the time out of habit.

Christopher Harding said...

Have to say, having eliminated dairy from my diet by about 90% due to lactose intolerance, has had a wonderful side-effect -- my skin is far healthier (and I'm sure my intestinal tract is as well).