Friday, December 31, 2010

Recalling 2010 at the Co-op

I rang in the New Year of 2010 in Miami Beach with Flemming--on the beach, with fireworks and a sea of people under a lovely Blue Moon. We'll be ringing in the New Year of 2011 in a quieter fashion, in Lantana at a sweet little Italian restaurant--with a jazz chanteuse singing and playing piano. My new life with Flemming is a big part of what I will always remember about 2010.

In February, I headed over to Copenhagen with my two cats, Damon and Diva, to explore dating the (then) new man in my life, Flemming Christensen. I had an apartment for four months (which I mostly used as an office). I learned to navigate downtown Copenhagen (Centrum). We figured out how to fit me and my stuff into Flemming's 200 year-old European-sized condo home, which he picked as a place for himself and his son, Philip. We all got along quite beautifully. Things worked out in Copenhagen, and Flemming proposed, right after celebrating my 50th birthday (in Istanbul, in a room with a view of the Bosphorus). We shared the story with Teri and Harley last night (how I was sure Flemming would propose while we were in Istanbul celebrating my birthday).

On a sadder note, just a little over a week ago we lost our little female cat, Diva. Damon is 11 years old now and alone, and we are debating whether we will need to get another kitten for him. While Flemming and I are in Florida, Philip is taking care of Damon. They have bonded quite deeply already with Philip writing to me yesterday that "I love that he's this social. I would feel so lonely without him and absolutely love having him around me. So even though he is a bit more needy now that Diva is gone you don't have to worry that he isn't getting enough love and attention :)"  Sweet. 
Diva - Remembered with love

Damon - One of my best buddies since he was a kitten
and loved by many (even people who don't like cats!)

Other things that I remember with appreciation about 2010 include:

  • Stephen Fason-- for being not only a good business partner but a brother whom I love and admire. We took time this year to talk about new and important things and found ways to laugh at ourselves at times when others might have gotten stuck. Stephen acts as a marvelous counterbalance for me (e.g., if I am too wildly enthusiastic or impulsive, he helps me check my assumptions and we can then integrate the best of both of our contributions). 
  • Teri Edgell -- for boldly venturing into the world of writing and trusting that she has a voice worthy of sharing.   I have enjoyed witnessing Teri's growth in confidence as she blogs about the things she notices in the world. I also continuously marvel at her joyous spirit, which helps so many in need of a kind word, a sense of optimism, or even a smile during hard times.  I also respect her journey into personal development and increased awareness. 
  • Chris Harding -- for joining our team and bringing a natural enthusiasm for our mission. Chris has a shaman's spirit, communing deeply with nature and people alike and valuing all things that bring health and healing. I have felt honored to have someone who is so incredibly competent, so gets the Co-op's ethos, and so loves our community. It's like he has always been with us. 
Stephen, Teri, and Chris are at the center of what makes our little Co-op hum and I feel grateful to be associated with such a fine team.

For those of you wondering when Flemming and I  will get married, we're not saying just yet. Stay tuned in the New Year! 

Love and good wishes for your own health, healing, and wholeness! 


Teri said...

One of my blessings for 2010 is cultivating a true friendship with you.

This has been a year of growth for me and it has been facinating. I look forward to the adventure that will certianly be 2011.

Peace and love,


Holy Horse Encounters said...

Cindy what a nice 2010 farewell to the year.I just wrote my first blog this last day of 2011 onmy new site Holy Horse Encounters. An interesting process,blogging Sorry to hear bout little Diva girl. Happiest of New Years to you.
All my best Lila

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Thanks Teri & Lila...good to have you both in my world! Happy New Year!