Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Probiotics Essential to Combat Holiday Excess

We tend to think of probiotics as delicate creatures, requiring refrigeration and protection from heat and light and even overly-active stomach acids. Yet, all the research keeps showing how important friendly bacteria are for intestinal health--from breaking down bile and removing excess cholesterol to digesting holiday foods well enough to relieve bloating, probiotics are incredibly important to your health. Given the holiday season upon us, you may want to scan the following facts and boost your own consumption of friendly bacteria this season:
  1. Probiotics help your body metabolize foods and absorb nutrients (holiday foods, high in sugar, promote growth of unfriendly and even pathogenic bacteria, making the need for friendly bacteria even greater)
  2. Probiotics prevent colonization by pathogenic bacteria.  Healthy bacteria (bifidobacterium) disappear from the feces within two weeks of discontinuing oral supplementation, thus continued supplementation is recommended during cold and flu season especially. Of note, children in daycare suffered less fever, fewer bouts of diarrhea, and fewer needs for antibiotics when taking probiotics
  3. Probiotics have been shown to increase immune function, including improving phagocyte function and natural killer cell activity and increasing production of interferon-alpha.    
We have long offered a shelf-stable probiotic formulation, Probiotics 16, in which we take exceptional pride because:
  1. We produce small batches (this means we keep our inventory consistently fresh) 
  2. We manufacture with more live culture than we claim on our labels (unheard of in this industry, which is always looking to eek out bigger profits by skrimping)
  3. We have optimized our formulation to support shelf stability (we know what we're doing is working as our Probiotics 16 routinely tests out above our label claim even after we have sold out of all our inventory)
Probiotics 16, with its combination of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, is a regular member of our Top 10 products list for these reasons. Our members know they can count on our Probiotics 16 to be fresh and active, and some even make old-fashioned buttermilk with them (a feat younger folks are less likely to attempt!).

My dear friend, Dr. Hugo Rodier, is such a big fan of probiotics that he often recommends that people start their first few weeks of supplementation taking up to 10-fold over the recommendations on product labels. 

It never hurts to be reminded that if bacteria in our bodies were to be weighed, they would account for the largest "organ" in our bodies. Best to have preponderantly friendly agents in that mix!

P.S. I just love the posting on the use of our Probiotics 16 by one of our customers for her 10 cats (read her comment below for more). :-)


QueensMaryMac said...

I open a capsule and sprinkle some in my cats kibble dish, also wet cat "fud" served in evening time and in a very small spot of half & half cream as a morning treat. (too much dairy can give kitties diarrhea)

Some high quality kibble cat fud boasts of having probiotics but I cannot be sure of how many actually are alive after processing. I KNOW from own my personal experience with Our Health Co-Op that these little bugs are alive and doing their job. I don't waste my money on any other probiotic product.

- All ten cats poop healthy and less stinky.

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Dear QueensMaryMac,

Love your posting and love your love of cats. Thanks for sharing our Probiotics 16 with your favorite felines. Our mascot would wholeheartedly agree! :-)

Warm regards,