Monday, October 11, 2010

Labels: Why We're Changing 'Em

We are in the process of doing some updates -- for our web site and with our branding (many of you were kind enough to support our logo design final decision in our recent survey).  After much discussion, we decided to integrate all of our products under the "Cell Nutritionals" brand.

Here's the scoop. We will keep "Our Health Co-op" as our company brand (folksy, personal, and at times goofy) and the Our Health Co-op brand will play a prominent role on our new web site. When you call, you will still hear Teri cheerfully answer, "Co-op, may I help you?" Nothing will change about our company.

The change will be on our packaging, as "Cell Nutritionals" will become our new product brand. Here's what we see as the upside:
  1. Cell Nutritionals is easier to say, spell, and Google and will help friends and family find us and remember us.
  2. The Cell Nutritionals tagline, "Nourishing cells for life" communicates our mission of delivering nutritional products that support both wellness and longevity.
  3. The Cell Nutritionals logo mark is an iconic version of the "Sun" and symbolizes energy and the source of life as we know it.
  4. Cell Nutritionals more directly conveys our exceedingly high quality standards, of which we and our members are exceedingly proud.
  5. We have trademarked Cell Nutritionals and thus our product line will have more commercial protection.
When thinking about the design of new product labels, we opted to blend the best of historic Our Health Co-op labels and Cell Nutritionals labels. Here's how the two very different looks came together as one:
  1. Our signature red tops are keepers (we can't get them for large jars yet...but will keep searching).
  2. The Co-op's clean style stays (light background with product names in easy-to-read capital letters).
  3. Cell Nutritionals logo has been added at the top (with a dark purple vs. black background).
  4. A thin red bar has been added (under the Cell Nutritional logo at the top).
I am sitting in front of a jar of Constant Health with one of the new labels and, while it looks very different without the stylized photo of the sun's rays behind the text, I think it is much easier to read and understand. The first product to hit the market with our new labels will be Resveratrol (only $7.95), a product our members and Dr. Hugo Rodier have long asked us to carry.

If you're wondering about the kat's face (big sigh here), it will no longer appear on our labels. I remember drawing that face, inspired by a white silk scarf of mine with little black cat faces. I remember my ex, Steve Marteney, seeing my sketch on a piece of paper and saying, "Use that!" and Teri enthusiastically supporting this idea. I will always remember the drawing and its life on our original labels.

For those of you die-hard kat fans, don't despair. The kat will still be writing our newsletter, which will get its own facelift before too long and give the kat due respect. Stay tuned. To keep our costs characteristically low, we will continue to sell inventory with the old labels until we hit our re-order points. This means the Co-op bottles with the kat's face will become collectors' items. :-)

Finally, thanks to all of our members who voted on our updated "Our Health Co-op" logo. We have just loved reading the responses and appreciate the enthusiastic response. Chris Harding, our new Chief Community Officer, has been blown away by the response, actually, as it has been dramatically larger than he would have guessed.

All I can say is, "Go team! We're all in this together." Love feeling connected to you all.


Doris said...

I have been a part of your nutritional family since the beginnings and have always been so impressed with the quality and the price. The two products I hope you never stop carrying are the Cell Nutritionals Constant Health "Optimizing Immune, Intestinal & Detox Function and the Cell Nutritionals Soothing Greens. You see I have suffered with IBD for years and years, and just recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was in very much pain...these two products have helped me more than anything else I've taken. I've opted not to take the medication of choice and take natural products instead, and these are two of the products that are in my supplement plan...don't want to be without them, EVER..they have made that much of a difference. I don't have the pain I once did and I can actually eat now without it causing severe cramps...thankU so very much and may God richly bless you all ~ Doris

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...


Your note is inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with these two products. We were considering dropping the Soothing Greens product because it was not selling well enough. We may reformulate to make it completely gluten free but keeping the healing elements of the formula (lots of slippery elm and banana powder, which helps the intestinal tissues become healthy along with the Ganaden probiotics, which are hardy and help create a healthy ecosystem of friendly bacteria in the gut). Stay tuned. Send an email to, and we would be happy to send you a coupon for Fish Oil and Pancreatic Enzymes (great complements to Constant Health and Soothing Greens)!

Warm regards,