Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Testing After Expiration Date: Constant Health Passes 2 Years Later!

Expiration dates are not all created equally. Not by a long shot. Many products don't meet label claims on the day of manufacture, much less some two or three years later at the so-called "expiration date."

We are a small company and independent laboratory testing adds costs to a quality control process, costs we consistently opt to make each time we produce a new batch of a products. We also opt to test when we want to resolve questions we have for ourselves--questions such as "How good is an 'expired' drink powder product?" We feel confident in our products because our manufacturers blend our formulas with about 5% more of each ingredient than our labels claim (to ensure they pass our independent laboratory tests). With our Constant Health product expiring this month, we decided to run a second test, two years later.

We sent a jar of Constant Health off to our independent laboratory testing director and asked him to suggest the best ingredients to analyze for oxidation or loss of potency. He recommended that we test the N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Vitamin E,  and Bioperine, the ingredients for which he would expect the highest rates of loss.

Here's what our independent laboratory test results for Constant Health on August 19, 2010 showed:

  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine at 151.6 mg / serving (still above label claim at 101%)
  • Vitamin E at 48.66 IU  /serving (a drop of only 2.68% over 2 years; this result would more than meet USP standards for even a newly manufactured product)
  • Bioperine at 10.82 mg / serving (still above label claim at 108%)

Proud. Proud. Proud. I could not be more proud. :-)

While our products consistently pass with flying colors at the time of manufacture, we (and you) can also trust that our products are still plenty potent even at the time of expiration!

Not all vitamin companies can say the same (just check out the latest news at and see how many big-name products regularly fail their independent lab testing program).

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Meanwhile, stay tuned for the release of a small clinical study on Constant Health next month.

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