Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Chapter: T'was My Birthday & Dad Wrote a Poem

For those of you following my memories and musings on life with my unusual/difficult/weird/funny dad, here's a truly sweet poem he sent to me when I turned 45 (I just had my 50th birthday yesterday).

I left a typo in ("fourty" vs. "forty"), the math that didn't add up ("35 years" ago should have been "30 years" ago) and the "K.F." sign-off at the end (which stands for the "Kingfish," a moniker my dad quite fancied). Dad's PC Systems team once made a wooden plaque inscribed with "Kingfish" and he kept it with him always.

We often referred to my dad not as "Dad" but as the "Kingfish." Even Tess, who met my dad only at the end of his life, enjoys her striking memories of the "Kingfish." :-)

'Twas 35 years ago
    like yesterday it seems,
when I became a Father
    to a Daughter of fifteen.

I had no experience
    in parenting and such.
Something wonderful did happen
    so it didn't matter much.

We became close friends
    as the months rolled by,
and it surely will last
    'till the seas run dry.

My love for this girl
   (which at times I do hide)
is boundless for sure
   as it involves great pride

in a kid who has made it
   through times good and bad.
She's slayed all the dragons
   and guess what, I'm her Dad.

Now I am old.
   but feeling so alive.
My Gawd, can it be?
   My girl is fourty five!

I love you Cindy.



Kelly Fason said...

What an awesome gift! I'm sure you'll treasure this always!

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said... to see even the family following these blogs...way more traffic than my science musings.

Kelly, yes, I do treasure this one. My dad and I enjoyed being pen pals and this came in an email, not in a card, but I fortunately tucked it away in a file to save. :-)

Sunshine said...

I was a big fan of your dad's! He was mysterious, funny, and sometimes just plain rude! And quite a ladies man,too. He gave me 500 shares in a Nevada corperation called ENERGY RESEARCH CORPERATION, back in 2006. Do you have an update on that?? Thanks, love your products! Marilyn

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Sunshine, The shares in the Energy Research Company is not something I had anything to do with.

The product assets were sold on behalf of the estate to address IRS claims (my dad was not so good at paying his taxes, a vast understatement actually).

Anonymous said...

Cindy - I love seeing your face because I know your dad is in there. He ALWAYS made me laugh and I enjoyed his emails for so many years. I do miss him and think of him kindly, curmudgeon, that he was. Thank you for sharing this poem. Happy Birthday girl.
- Queensmary -

Sally said...

Cindy, how much I appreciate your blog about your dad. I have been with the coop since long ago in Calif. I moved to Washington state in 95 and have good memories of his ramblings. Teri has been a treasure, too. She treats you like a friend and is so accommodating. I'm 85, and sometime forget to order something. I call and Teri takes care of it. Thanks for the poem, too. You are so kind. Sally

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Queensmary: Yes, curmudgeon, indeed (one of his favorite words, by the way). Thanks for your note.

Sally: Thanks for your long-time support! And, yes, Teri treats everyone like family. She is truly a treasure in a world where people are so often so scripted and impersonal!