Monday, January 25, 2010

Glutamine: Coming Soon

I just finished my blog on air pollution and thoughts about cellular detoxification. It occurred to me that I should also give a little update on glutamine, which is a potent cellular detoxifier and healer for the intestinal lining.

Glutamine is known particularly for detoxifying ammonia from the body, but its role in re-establishing the integrity of intestinal walls is also important. Breaks in the intestinal lining allow toxins as well as undigested food molecules to escape into the blood stream, where they can cause all sorts of trouble (including allergies and autoimmune responses).

Glutamine is also known for immune system support, helping stimulate the production of antioxidants (like glutathione) and fighting toxic free radicals (produced by air pollution).

The good news: we'll be adding glutamine powder before the end of the quarter, at long last!

I blogged about glutamine last September (Glutamine, Glutathione & Immunity & More on Glutamine, Immunity & Health) and received enough support to get production rolling. 

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