Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dark Chocolate Bars Back in Stock Soon!

Our organic Grenada Dark Chocolate bars (71% dark chocolate content) disappeared in a hurry, and Teri has received many calls from people who missed out on our holiday special and have cajoled Teri into holding their orders until the new batch of chocolate bars arrive.

Even Tess and I sold our limited stock out in Utah to a friend, who is a sweet talker and likes our chocolate bars better than the ones for which he paid $8 at a gourmet grocery store in town. That made us feel special enough to let go of our stash. Teri doesn't even like dark chocolate but says that since the label is so pretty she wouldn't mind buying this chocolate just for the label. Funny thing is that she means it!

Meanwhile, one member called this morning and asked Teri what the caffeine content is for the dark chocolate bars. Our bars are 3 ounces and thus pack about 60 mg of caffeine per bar (a little over three times the amount in milk chocolate). If you eat an entire bar, you're getting the caffeine equivalent of a weak cup of brewed coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, like I am, you may enjoy the rich taste of our dark chocolate enough that a square (or a third of a bar at most) will satisfy your chocolate cravings without too much buzz!

With the enthusiastic response, we've decided to carry our Grenada Dark Chocolate bars for half the year (the cooler months from November to April). Our new stock will be in later this week.

As someone who looks forward to this inventory as much as any of our customers, all I can say is "Yum!" :-)

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