Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dark Chocolate Bars for the Holidays

It's true. I love chocolate, dark chocolate, actually. I have convinced my brother, Stephen, to carry a trial run of dark chocolate bars for the holidays.  He would prefer milk chocolate, but we're going with the dark chocolate (71% cacao content) based on Tess voting "for" the dark chocolate. Teri was not particularly enthusiastic but is open-minded.

When looking for a vendor, I was clear that we should carry an organic, rainforest-friendly chocolate. I found a company that not only offers USDA Organic chocolate, but also uses solar power for their manufacturing process and produces chocolate in small hand-crafted batches. 

We're buying a limited quantity of high-quality 3 ounce dark chocolate bars for the holiday season and will see whether enough of our members are interested in dark chocolate or not.

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