Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dark Chocolate Bars Flying Out the Door

Our limited stock of Grenada Organic Dark Chocolate bars is disappearing fast. Within a few hours of our newsletter going out, a third of our inventory flew out the door. Of course, our price of $1.99 a bar (compare at $2.99-$3.99) makes our new 71% organic cocoa bars a very good buy.

Interestingly enough, Stephen and Teri were hesitant about adding a dark chocolate bar to our catalog, but voted in favor based on great research on dark chocolate and health. You see, our Florida office prefers sweeter milk chocolate confections, while Tess and I are dark chocolate fans at heart. Adding chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, was my idea, so I am quite happy to see fellow fans among our members.

Inventory-wise, it's probably just as well that the Florida office has to manage the chocolate bars, as Tess and I would be tempted to eat too much chocolate if the bars were allowed to whisper to us all day long! :-)

Drop a line if you have a favorite chocolate fanatic story!

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