Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NAET for Allergy Elimination - Round One

The first step in the NAET allergy elimination process is to test for allergies. The process is quite simple. A Potential allergens (or allergen groups) are suspended in small vials of water. The practitioner hands one set of allergens at a time to the patient, giving the patient no knowledge of what is contained in each vial, and then conducts muscle testing to determine whether a given set of allergens are problematic for the patient.

Dr. Gary Olsen, a chiropractor, had me lay down on my back and extend my left arm and give resistance until he knew my "normal" resistance strength. He then started handing me different vials, with some substances clearly changing my ability to resist his pressure. I've been a bit skeptical of this process in the past but decided to try to participate with an open mind.

Turns out, a number of times when my arm weakened in response to pressure, I was holding a known allergen (eggs, grains, wheat, dairy proteins).  Interestingly, my arm also weakened on the B vitamin complex and a couple of other things that I don't remember.  After running me through the muscle testing, I rolled over on to my stomach and received some kind of vibrating stimulation to my spinal cord and then to various accupuncture points on my back and in my hands, knees, and ankles.  NAET works by stopping accupuncture meridians from having over-reactive responses to "allergic" substances that are normally harmless. 

The first session was all about challenging my body with at least 15 vials with common allergens. The next step  involves me wearing a vial of one of the allergens (or allergen groups) for 25 hours after the meridian treatment (I'm supposed to work on some of the accupuncture points every two hours also, which I'm behind on today). Apparently, 25 hours is how long it takes for the body to cycle new information about an allergen's "energy" and and enable all the organs to recognize former allergens as "safe."

Yes, I have a little vial taped to the inside of my leg, halfway between my knee and ankle. A little strange, yes, but I'm not planning to work out in shorts at my gym tonight, so no worries!

I know that my brother and business partner subscribes to my blog and he is undoubtedly shaking his head, as he has many times before, wondering whether this is just another of my many experiments in alternative and complementary healing.

My brother knows I inherited by far the most sensitive system in our family though, so he keeps a more open mind than he might otherwise. We have often joked that my sensitivities are all due to the fact that our mom was incredibly careful about what she ate and even avoiding smoke (back then, both of our parents were smokers) when she was pregnant with me.

Stay tuned, as I will continue to report my experiences with NAET for allergy elimination (and meanwhile here's a link to a research study on NAET results).  And, drop a line below if you have experience with NAET!


Timothy said...

Cindy, I've been doing NAET for years, with very good results. Sometimes one treatment is sufficient to eliminate an antigenic response, while other deeper sensitivities require additional treatments. I have also found that, on occasion, some sensitivities that had been successfully eliminated tend to creep back. The good news is that they will respond to another treatment! There are practictioners who stimulate the acupuncture points using lasers, and report very good outcomes. However, it is not necessary to physically stimulate the points; it can also be done by intention without direct contact. If your brother is troubled by traditional NAET, then my long-distance technique will really strain his credulity! Most of my work is over the phone, and my clients have responded very well to this modality. I applaud your open-mindedness, and I wish you the best of health.

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Good to hear you are having good success with your distance treatments Timothy! The more I learn, the more I know that the body is a quite complex interplay of mind, emotions and that keeping an open mind helps open possibilities. Thanks for your post.