Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Coaching - Part of the Co-op?!

Many of you know me as a tireless champion of integrative medicine and all things related to "health, nutrition & science." 

What most people don't know is that I am also trained as an Integral Coach, a form of coaching that works to integrate four domains of human life: mind, body, relationships, and physical environment.

As the economy continues to be challenging, it has occurred to me that the things I do for my coaching clients might be of real interest to our members.  And, at the Co-op, we see ourselves as a lot more than a purely product-based business. We're all from service backgrounds and consider it part of our job to take care of our community of members.

So here goes with something novel, a few offers that might help you in this tough economy (or with the stress of the holidays coming up).  

  1. Personal Branding: Positioning Your Real Value in Tough Markets -- I have done a number of workshops on this topic in the past few months and participants have consistently rated the workshop as one of the most valuable in helping them refine their personal vision and mission statements as well as packaging what differentiates them (or their products and services). This one is ideal for people in career transition or seeking to build their businesses.
  2. Difficult Conversations & What We All Want "More Of" -- This workshop is focused on moving from the language of complaints (what we can't stand and don't want) to what we want more of, for ourselves, for the other person, for our relationships, and for the future. This one is ideal for anyone with stressful holiday family gatherings ahead as well as people who just happen to be in business with "difficult people."  
  3. Centering as an Antidote to Stress -- This is more of a guided practice of centering oneself when under pressure. Over and over, my clients find that their stress is greatly reduced every time they practice "centering" in their bodies and stop paying so much attention to their worries.
  4. Mindfulness & Weight Loss -- I wasn't trying to lose weight but when I had to become mindful of everything I ate because of food allergies, I dropped about 15 pounds quite naturally. I attribute the weight loss to the healthier diet, yes, but also to the attention I gave to my emotions and the sensations in my body when (and after) eating different foods. We tried to do something on this topic before and had to cancel for lack of interest. Now that summer has passed and the holidays are coming fast, I thought this topic just might be of more interest right now.
We can support up to 50 people in a webinar (good for the first two topics, which include branding models and exercises to be shared).  Alternatively, I can also support up to 5 people in a very personal videoconference. The subscription for participants is free, as I pay for the ability to have up to 5 guests in my own private videoconferences.

If you are interested in any of these topics, please drop a line to me and let me know more about you and your interests. I can then tailor events of interest accordingly.  I hope to hear from you!

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