Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Response to Lugol's Iodine Introduction

Wow. We sold out of the trial order of Lugol's Iodine in one day. We'll have more product next week, but the response was dramatic, with lots of folks telling me their stories of using Lugol's (for decades in some cases and for various needs) in private emails.

Here's what our favorite pharmacist had to say in a note to the "kat" that writes our newsletter:

Hi Cindy, Mike Ciell here. Lugol's is a necessary supplement that ALL folks should take (especially women)...too many benefits to explain on my Blackberry...we've used this in our medical practice for over 5 years...clinical results so Impressive..we automatically prescribe it to all patients. Also we use "my formula" which gives about 12.5 mgs of iodine/iodide per 10 drops. Dr. Young (MD) always prescribes 15 mgs/day....if you want I can compound the exact formula for your "cats".  Glad you see the merit in this amazing nutrient!
Always my best,
Mike Ciell, RPh
Chief Science Officer and Vice-President of Clinic Operations
Ideal Protein of America, Inc

Here's  what another original member had to say:

Cindy,I have good news for you, I am a relative of the ones who invented Lugol's.  Dr. Jenner  (my Great Grandfather) & Dr. Lugol) came up with it in a research lab while looking for a better way to clean their peat-re dishes in a search for a cure to several very contagious diseases.  
They came up with a mild solution of Iodine and Iodide + distilled water, My Mother gave it to all us siblings every time something was wrong with us from the 1940's on. Her Dad used it on her family all her life as well. My Dad approved too and he was a Vet. Dr.

I love hearing from our members. Keep sharing your stories of using Lugol's.

Meanwhile, for those of you new to iodine supplementation, I strongly recommend working with a knowledgeable health care practitioner as iodine can be toxic when taken in too great of quantities. It's not like water-soluble supplements where you can take two, three, or ten times the amount and allow your body to flush what's not needed.

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Martha tolan said...

I am taking the Iodine that Mike makes for Dr Young and want to starting yours because it is more affordable for me. If I take 10 drops of yours, will it equal 12.5 mgs, the same as the one Mike was talking about on your blog.?? Thanks for your help. Long time customer. Martha