Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alcohol Promotes Aggressive Cancer Cells

Alcohol kills brain cells, can cause liver disease, lead to malabsorption of nutrients, and so on.. These are well-known hazards of drinking alcohol.

But did you know that alcohol also promotes aggressiveness in cancer cells (whereby, with alcohol, less dangerous cancer cells morph into deadly metastatic cells, which spread aggressively in the body)?

According to research out of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, alcohol-treated cells not only can go from normal cells to cancer cells, they also lose close connection with their adjacent cells, thus allowing them to migrate to other parts of the body (as in metastasis).

This research correlates to other research that continues to come out about the links between alcohol and cancer. Back in February, the University of Oxford reported in its Million Women study that "Each additional alcoholic drink regularly consumed per day was associated with 11 additional breast cancers per 1000 women up to age 75."  The conclusion was that even moderate social drinking has major impacts on the incidence of cancer.

Regardless of what you do if you are cancer free, if you have any form of cancer, it seems wise to eliminate all forms of alcohol, as cancer cells seem to prefer being "under the influence."  


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Robert said...

It makes a lot of sense as alcohol helps feed fungus in the body. There's been a few articles that show some startling connections between fungus overgrowth and cancer. The scary thing is that wheat and sugar which are a staple of the American diet feed fungus too!