Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strange Neurological Issues

A dear friend of mine lives in Paris. I spent my birthday weekend with her and her little girl, who is now 5 years old and is just learning to speak English this month. My friend speaks English in this exhilarating and very-feminine Parisian accent. She is beautiful, wears oh-so-feminine skirts ad dresses, and has a lovely svelte figure. Her daughter is incredibly bright, friendly, lively, and curious about the world, a mother's joy. Her job is secure, and she can walk to work and allow her daughter to independently dance ahead on short walks to and from her school.

Life could not be better, friend is having strange neurological problems that her neurologist cannot explain. At one point, the right side of her face felt like it was a bit frozen and on fire, yet my friend could still move her facial muscles and talk just fine. At another point, shooting pains came up from her legs. And, while my friend tolerates pain with acceptance, is strong, and overcame a dramatic childhood illness that she was not expected to survive, what terrifies her is how she is noticing her memory not being as sharp as normal.

My friend is one of the most organized people I know and prides herself on tracking a person's conversation, no matter how winding. Now she notices that she "knows" things and yet forgets and has to ask about them, only realizing with the answers she gets that she already "knew" the answer. Telling the story is enough to create stress in her voice and bring waves of empathetic emotions to my body as a listener.

The neurologists keep saying that there's nothing wrong physically and have given my friend supplements, which have helped over the past few months. I hope she is getting exactly the treatment she needs, however, I wonder if there are pathways not yet explored or understood by her local physicians.

I hope to set up a call with my friend and Dr. Rodier, as he has such a broad as well as deep perspective on the root cause of disease and non-toxic, wholesome ways to heal. He says that none of the cognitive decline problems appear without what he calls "cellular TOIL" or some kind of cellular toxicity, oxidation, inflammation and/or lack of nutrients for mitochondrial energy.

When you're in this line of business, you can't help but want to give everyone you love all the possible resources that may help when they find frightening health problems emerging in their lives.

Right now, I am holding my friend in my heart and am grateful for the generous hospitality she showed me and for meeting the radiant little being she has brought to the world in her daughter.


Ellene said...

Just read a great column in Dr. Whitaker's last newsletter. Using MCT and coconut oil helped all kinds of cognitive and neurodegenerative problems. If you can't access it, I will try to scan it and send it to you.

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

I have to say that I am overwhelmed with the love and generosity of our little community. I have received a number of private notes, all with possible pathways to follow up on (some suggesting my friend be tested for Lyme disease, others suggesting new technology treatments for pain, etc.).

Will pass all suggestions (and support) along and perhaps I should have Dr. Rodier weigh in with his comments publicly since this blog post has generated so much interest and concern.

Thank you all!

Rachel said...

she should absolutely research Low Dose Naltrexone - you'd be amazed

Melanie G said...

Wow! This is the first time I have had a chance to hear of someone that possibly has the same problem I do. I saw Dr. Rodier after strange neurological issues and he diagnosed me with a wheat allergy! I have since gone off of wheat and have seen a major (not minor) improvement. I had a blood test that confirmed my allergy. PLEASE tell your friend of my success. I hope it is the same issue just because if it is she can be at ease and know how to take care of it. Good luck!