Friday, February 6, 2009

Spore-Forming Probiotics & Soothing Greens

Planning is not my forte. Even though I run a supplement company and am dear friends with an integrative physician, who pushes probiotics, probiotics, and more probiotics, I am just not so good at taking anything a half hour before a meal. Once I get it in my head that I want to eat, I don't want to wait a half hour.

I know, I should take them upon waking up but often forget anyway, as I'm not particularly a morning person.

Because of this persistent little glitch in my routine, I was so excited when our consultants introduced us to Ganeden's patented BC30 probiotics, which survive digestion, no sweat, because they are spore-forming organisms (versus the vegetative cells that are typical of probiotics formulas).

The BC30 spore-forming probiotics are thus ideal for drink mixes, food products, and even cooking. This is because spore-forming organisms can survive in dried-out states indefinitely and then go on to happily colonize the gastrointestinal tract. Good news.

According to research on spore-forming probiotics in the U.K. by Gabriella Casula and Simon M. Cutting:

"For humans they are available either as over-the-counter prophylactics for mild gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea or as health foods or nutritional supplements. In some countries though (e.g., Vietnam), bacterial spores are being used for oral bacteriotherapy of gastrointestinal disorders often under clinical supervision. In the agricultural industry spores are also receiving increasing attention as potential alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters."

The researchers went on to say it is:

"possible that the spore itself exerts an immunostimulatory effect which serves to exclude the colonization of the gut by harmful pathogens. A number of reports have shown that the spore is immunostimulatory and can elicit a number of cellular immune responses in the gastrointestinal tract."

I can't share the Ganeden BC30 data directly, as we are under non-disclosure with Ganeden, however, their research is quite compelling.

Remember those old commercials where the guy would say, "I'm not only the president of Hair Club for men. I'm also a client!" I know, I'm dating myself. That was back in the 1970s when everything seemed to be cheesy.

Anyway, I remember that guy whenever I start talking about our own products, which I use and my family and friends use. Do you get the sense that I am setting you up for a product pitch? You would be right.

Anyway, to get to the rest of my story, Soothing Greens, our latest nutritional drink mix, combines not only a healthy amount of greens, rice protein, larch arabinogalactan (a powerful immune system booster), and citrus bioflavonoids but also spore-forming BC30 probiotics too.

After being diagnosed with leaky gut last fall, I packed an early sample package of Soothing Greens for my 3 week program at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Thus, I didn't have to buy their very expensive probiotics or greens products. I added Co-op Pancreatic Enzymes and Fish Oil for omega-3 fatty acids to cover the basics for gastrointestinal health.

I'm back to normal life (and temptations) and so I include Soothing Greens in my morning shake most mornings. I'm three months into a six month allergy elimination program (no wheat, no dairy, no eggs, no almonds - I've slipped only on a bit of dairy on a rice crust pizza, sigh!). This aside, I'm trying to make sure my gut returns to a totally healthy state, so I'm personally quite happy to have Soothing Greens onboard at last.

On a more sentimental note, Soothing Greens, when combined with Constant Health, makes me think of my father. As many of you know, when my father was sick, I hand-mixed a formula Dr. Rodier specified, which did indeed heal my father's leaky gut (that is until he stopped taking the formula and went back to a bad diet).

Regardless, the inspiration for both Constant Health and Soothing Greens was born in my dad's nursing home room, as I shook up dark-colored shakes with greens and protein powder and anti-inflammatory/gut-healing powders along with fiber.

By the way, a combo of Constant Health, Soothing Greens, and Fish Oil will be going into clinical trial here in Utah (finally, finally) next week, so results should be rolling in during the next few months.

For those of my readers who have already started using Soothing Greens, please drop me a line to let me know (1) what made you decide to try this product and (2) what is your experience with this product.

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