Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Friend with Multiple Myeloma

I have a dear friend in Seattle who has multiple myeloma and has already gone through 14 months of chemotherapy. Her cancer has been in remission but her immune system is not yet working properly--her white blood cell count keeps dropping.

While my friend has worked with a naturopath, a chiropractor (multiple myeloma comes with a lot of pain from bones becoming weak) , and a Chinese medicine doctor, she had not taken a nutritional approach to her cancer treatment. Now, she is open to learning more about nutritional protocols, as her spirits have fallen due to her low white blood cell counts.

I sent my friend links to Bill Henderson's Cancer Free and Patrick Quillin's book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition. I also introduced her to Dr. Rodier, who did a phone consultation with her on Monday. Here are some of the things Dr. Rodier discussed with her:

  • Cancer as a DNA mutation prompted by environmental toxins. In the case of multiple myeloma, he believes that diesel fuels and gasoline are major culprits, so he recommended avoiding exposure as much as possible (my friend has quite a sense of humor and said she'll just have to get her husband to pump her gas for her).
  • Improving detoxification, particularly in the liver, to help boost immune system function. He explained that without the right nutrients and diet, detoxification pathways malfunction and don't permit proper elimination of toxins that trip up DNA and turn on the wrong genes.
  • Eczema as a clear sign that my friend's detoxification process was not working properly. He recommended N-acetyl-cysteine at 1200mg / day and whey protein to stimulate her liver to detoxify more effectively.
  • Anamu, a rainforest herb that supports healthy immune function (I hadn't heard of this one before)
  • Constant Health as a daily immune, intestinal, and detoxification supplement (Dr. Rodier helped us formulate Constant Health to address immune health through a healthy gut).
  • Fiber, lots of it, to support elimination of toxins and omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy cellular function.
  • Vitamin D3 to achieve at least 10,000 IU / day (with the goal of getting serum levels above 80, far above what clinicians believe is adequate).
  • Curcumin and green tea supplements, which are both known to have cancer-fighting properties.
  • Probiotics at 10 capsules a day to support friendly bacteria in my friend's gut.
  • Saunas, as sweating helps the body detoxify itself. He also recommended coffee enemas to stimulate the liver to detoxify more efficiently (my friend made the "eeew" sound and said this was the least attractive part of advice she received).
  • Avoidance of all sugars, including wine and even all grains, to avoid feeding cancer cells with what they most like for energy.
Dr. Rodier cited research data that indicates that two thirds of all cancers can be prevented with diet alone.

A nutritional approach takes a real personal investment and can feel complex to someone accustomed to filling prescriptions and taking a few basics like calcium for bone loss and n-acetyl-cysteine and D3 at much lower levels (meaning fewer capsules).

I think my friend is bought in to nourishing her poor overworked cells. I hope so. I love her dearly.


Hazel Thorne said...

LDN, low dose naltrexone, is a safe, cheap, and healthy immune booster. It is compounded, not like high dose naltrexone, which is used as an opiate blocker. It is taken before bed, and works while you sleep. It can be used for cancer, but is also used for MS and Crohn's, and other diseases considered auto-immune.
Also HIV and HPV. There is an LDN
website. It is important to get it from one of the recommended pharmacies. It is under $40 a month. Treat candida issues, and gall bladder, kidney, liver problems so as to make it effective.

Anonymous said...

I second the LDN recommendation in the previous comment.

Also, there is a book that I would recommend for any person with cancer, but especially for anyone with multiple myeloma: Living Proof by Michael Gearin-Tosh. The thoughtful reader will no doubt find some good guidance on multiple levels, based on the author's experience(s) as well as some very thought-provoking observations of both conventional and non-conventional therapeutic approaches. It's also very well written, entertainingly and engagingly so.

Anonymous said...

I'm 3 and a half in with MM
no conventional medicine at all.
Tried all sorts of immune boosters
and finally found Biobran
also known as MGN -3



Connie Nelson said...

My husband who has MM read a reliable USC study that claims that green tea is not good for MM patients who are treated with Velcade. Green tea actually blocks the benefits of Velcade. You might want to do more research about green tea and MM.

Claire said...

Please note that it also appears that green tea polyphenols inhibit the effectiveness of curcurmin. Z