Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Electrical Stimulation for Tissue Repair & Pain Management

When I was at the Hippocrates Health Institute, a major part of our week involved various treatments at Oasis Therapy Center, where services range from massage and colonics to mind/body psychotherapy and an assortment of infrared and electrical stimulation treatments.

The H-Wave is one such electrical stimulation device, which uses ultra low frequencies to contract muscles. I knit my brow in puzzlement at first and felt I was entering the realm of Dr. Gregory House when I saw electrodes attached to other guests' limbs and faces. I saw their muscles jumping and twitching as they were shocked (er, I mean "stimulated") through a 30-60 minute "healing" sessions.

I remember the first time I was hooked up to the H-Wave, with adhesive pads stuck to my knees, wrists, shoulders, and right foot (remember, I had just started healing from a fractured ankle when I went). The technician turned up the electricity too high on the electrodes on my wrists and there they went, flapping and jumping around rather spastically on their own accord. The assessment: not a lot of congestion in my arms and wrists and so the technician revised my protocol and moved the electrodes to my jaws (to address a bit of TMJ), at a reduced setting (it helped, by the way!). I personally liked having the settings cranked up high for my knees and shoulders.

Now, back to the machine itself. The H-Wave device sends electrical currents to contract muscles and move fluids, thus helping tissues heal and reduce pain associated with tissue congestion and inflammation. Removing congestion allows cells to take in proper nutrients that support nerves, surrounding cells, and the immune system as well. The electrical current also supports lymphatic drainage (that stuff that carries out cellular waste but has no internal pump of its own and relies on movement to "take the trash out").

The walls of the H-Wave treatment room were decorated with testimonials from the Veteran's Administration and professional sports teams that use the H-Wave to help folks with everything from diabetic neuropathy to sports traumas.

I briefly thought about getting a portable machine for my mom, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't use it and these devices don't come cheap.

If anyone you know is dealing with acute or chronic pain, then finding an H-Wave treatment center might be of interest, as the core benefit comes from removing waste that creates chemical irritations and physical pressure to nerves and allows uptake of oxygenated blood bearing healing nutrients. Leave a comment below if you have experience with the H-Wave.

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