Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bill Henderson Testimonial & Budwig Protocol Note

The seventh anniversary for Our Health Co-op falls on February 15th. We have a big 20% discount sale going on to celebrate yet another year in business. Always a big "yay" when you're a small business. Many thanks to our very loyal members (customers)!

Given all the bad news in the press of late, it was such a delight to get the following testimonial on three of our new products: Constant Health, Soothing Greens, and Immune Health.

Bill Henderson, author of Cancer-Free, one of our original members, and a consummate researcher on all things nutritional, wrote this to me over the weekend:

"Hi Cindy, My wife, Terry, and I have been taking the Constant Health, Soothing Greens and Immune Health for about three weeks now. Without chronic conditions to correct, we can surely say that they seem to have made us feel more energetic and healthy. I have tried adding the Constant Health and Soothing Greens powders to the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil "smoothie" I make for breakfast every morning. They blend well and I find I have no hunger for about 8 hours after eating the smoothie. I wish you well with these fine products. I will certainly mention them on my web talk radio show and urge people to try them."

Thanks Bill! In turn, I hope you get lots of new hits to your web site and radio show, as I love to turn new people on to your wholesome, integrative approach to healing people through nutrition.

And for those of you who don't understand why Bill might be blending cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in his smoothies, here's some background on the famous Budwig protocol of blending cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, which is a well-known anti-cancer diet in nutritionally-oriented circles.

Please comment on this blog posting if you have either benefited from Bill Henderson's advice and counsel or have used the Budwig protocol and would be willing to share your experiences (whether your focus was on cancer or heart health).


Anonymous said...

The Budwig FO/CC protacol seems to show results quickly.
However, the cottaqe cheese is very binding, even with the FO and adding fruit/nuts/cereal.
I tried the yogurt sub., but too much volume, and not the same affect.
Any idea's about countering the cottage cheese constipation affect?
My diet is mostly vegan now, with a fair amount of fiber.

Bill said...

I seriously doubt that the CC/FO is causing the constipation. At least it certainly has not for me in the 6 plus years I've been eating it every morning. I'm quite regular. We eat a lot of fiber, too. I've had no complaints about constipation from the hundreds of people who have followed my advice and healed their cancers using the CC/FO as the mainstay of their diets. Of course, everyone is unique. I just can assure anyone that this is not a general result of eating the CC/FO. Far from it.

Bill Henderson
Author, "Cure Your Cancer" and "Cancer-Free"

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Bill, Thanks for your comment on the Budwig protocol.

For folks reading these postings, here's Bill's web site: In addition to being an author and radio talk show host, Bill Henderson offers consultations on nutrition, health, and healing.