Friday, January 23, 2009

Improved Constant Health Gaining New Fans

I know. Constant Health was my labor of love, inspired by my father's illness and a longing to make concentrated supplementation easier than opening scads of bottles with little red lids.

We had a very good year based on the Pioneer Integrative Medical Clinic's enthusiastic adoption of Constant Health for their very selective in-clinic store. As many of you know, the original formula was not always a love-at-first-taste kind of affair. We took all the feedback, revised the formula in some really important ways (doubling the protein, eliminating the dextrose, and most importantly, eliminating the lo han guo sweetener that, while many liked, some could just not stand).

And then I heard from Tess that Teri confessed that she could "not really get behind the old formula" because she didn't like the taste that well herself. Ouch.

Teri is now a big enthusiast of both flavors, which helps, as when you talk to Teri about anything she is enthusiastic about, you "want some of what she's having" (a la that infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally).

Teri is busy sending little samples to people who hated the original formula (if you are one of these folks, let Teri know).

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my last jars of the original French Vanilla and feeling nostalgic.

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