Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wheat Grass Protocols

I've been listening to a lot of lectures during my stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute. The big themes that keep coming up center on oxygen, enzymes, and alkalinity.

The Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore, who cured herself of cancer by doing what she saw her pets do when they were sick: eat grass. And she ate plain old grass, lawn grass, that is, and cured her cancer.

The way Wigmore chose wheat grass as the green to juice is interesting. She lined up a bunch of sprouted grains, including wheat, buckwheat, etc., and put her cat in front of the line of seven greens. The cat chose the wheat grass greens. Wigmore did the same with her dog and her dog also chose wheat grass. The wheat grass just tasted better, and that is why the Institute uses wheat grass as a main part of their healing program.

By the way, Wigmore believed that instinctually-based animals do not make mistakes and that we humans have lost our instinctual approach to healing.

The Institute's theory is that chlorophyl in wheat grass juice is the closest to hemoglobin in human blood, with the difference being the iron nucleus that defines human blood and the magnesium nucleus that defines green plant juice. Wheat grass is touted as being incredibly rich in enzymes and is ideally balanced in vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is ingested twice a day as a drink (some take it more like a "shot" to be endured-quickly!).

It's a grind -your-own kind of affair, with four wheat grass juicers in a cool room with a fridge full of the freshest wheat grass you've ever tasted. I know, I know, it's not that a lot of you are connosseurs of wheat grass, but trust me on this one.

The wheat grass grower, Michael, is known for his exceptional grass and sometimes trucks it out of town to places like New York City and makes a mint on his fine-tasting grass. Telling people what he does, is another story, as many folks like to reduce his grass growing to things like "oh, you're in the landscaping business, right?!" He tries to change the subject and only talk wheat grass to guests, who are interested in learning to grow their own wheat grass.

Anyway, back to the protocol, fresh wheat grass is also supposed to be implanted rectally, using a little bulb or syringe, twice a day to be absorbed by the hemorroidal vein, delivering oxygen, alkalinity, and vitamins and minerals into the body directly. It is supposed to stimulate metabolism, increase red blood cell count, protect against carcinogens, and detoxify the liver and blood stream.

That's a lot for a little green grass juice to do, but that's the premise here and they've been using wheat grass for over 50 years to help people combat cancer and all sorts of chronic diseases, so I am open and willing to embrace this no-side-effect little therapy.

Three flats of wheat grass are always growing in my house already, as grazing turf for my two indoor Siamese cats. Diva, the little 7 pound Chocolate Point cutie, literally mows the grass down at times. Interestingly, she's the one with the asthma, which was alleviated quite a bit by putting all bedding in hot water each week to get rid of dust mites!

So, growing wheat grass is not hard at all and with the right juicer, making shots of green magic each day is not so hard either. I don't even mind the taste, which is rather sweet.

Explaining the little implant process to folks might be rather uncalled for, as I myself would have been totally turned off by the concept prior to doing a 3-week program at Hippocrates! My mom and brother don't want to hear anything about this or the colon cleansing protocol either. I'll talk about that next time for those of you with more open minds than my family!


Steve said...

You know, this story makes me think about our cat Diva. If you think about it I started making sure that the cats had fresh plenty of wheat grass to eat a few weeks ago and they've had it there to eat all the time since.
Diva's asthma has almost dissapeared. I guess the cats really do know how to cure themselves. It's about time we listned to the cats.

Anonymous said...

My son and I have been growing and drinking wheatgrass juice for about a month although he has switched to chewing it as he is too rushed in the morning to juice. My mentor also was cured of cancer and other ailments. I have more energy and my eyes have improved and I can see more clearly now. Angel