Monday, December 22, 2008

Wheat Grass Farms in Austin & San Diego

One of our members wrote in asking about the "wheat grass farm in Austin" that I had mentioned in an earlier blog entry, as Austin was far closer to his home than West Palm Beach (where the Hippocrates Health Institute is).

And, the answer is...the Optimum Health Institute, which has locations in Austin and also in San Diego (although the Austin center is newer and supposedly quieter, nestled amidst acres of wooded property, but I have no direct experience).

The good news is that the programs at Optimum Health Institute are more affordable than the Hippocrates Health Institute, probably because they appear to have more group work and none of the individual sessions with bodyworkers and stress evaluations or the blood work assessments.

If you're considering a kick-start for your own healing or a revitalization from stress or everyday toxin build-up, then I highly recommend the very holistic wheat grass/raw foods/cleansing/mind/body/spirit approach! :-)

Let me know what you've done (or intend to do) for yourself for the New Year!

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