Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Macro Greens Vegan Bars & Weight Loss Foods

By now, you all know I'm way more interested in live foods, which means raw vegetarian foods with live enzymes that support digestion!

Over the weekend, I had lunch up at Fairweather, a natural foods store with good vegan soups every day too. I scoured the store for food that had not only no dairy or gluten but also no eggs or soy or almonds. Not so easy if you want a treat or something to eat when on the run.

I found the Macro Greens raw food bars marketed as "raw antioxidant super food" and "all natural energy" food. With protein from Brazil nuts and none of the offending ingredients for which I have to scan these days.

I found in Macro Greens (I tried the Apple-Lemon-Ginger and the Chocolate-Cinnamon flavors) a whole lot of impressive ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass powder, red raspberry powder, ginger, and licorice root powder and, and, and, so much more.

MacroLife Naturals, the company that manufactures these little bars, is committed to producing "non-allergenic, nutrient-rich superfood." Kudos to them, as so much of what passes for health food can still be allergenic. Interestingly, the company was founded by a mother who designed formulas to help her son lose weight.

Nourish the body more thoroughly and cravings can genuinely disappear.

My brother is on a new high-protein packaged food program that Mike Ciell (our favorite pharmacist-turned-clinical biochemist) designed for weight loss.

So far, so good for Stephen (he lost 9 pounds the first week and Donnaree, our shipper, lost 11 pounds, when women are more likely to lose 3-4 pounds per week). Even trim Teri lost 4 pounds on the program. Weight loss is probably the biggest draw for people (we do have a fair number of "fat cats" among our members), however, Mike Ciell promotes his program for dramatic improvements in blood sugar normalization and for helping people get off all sorts of meds.

I cannot be on Mike's program because of soy and other things to which I am allergic, so I have no personal experience, but I will get the kat to do an interview with Mike, who can tell the whole story in great detail!

Now inquiring minds at the Co-op want to know: Who among you is interested in Mike Ciell's high-protein packaged foods weight loss program? We do indeed have a pilot program going, which Teri is managing, so she says who gets to be "in" right now, so don't bother writing to me, write to Teri!

Meanwhile, for those of you who are more like me, with "sensitive systems," who among you would be interested in the Co-op offering low-allergen vegan food bars from MacroLife Naturals?! Somehow, I think this offering will come in a distant second to weight loss, especially right after a holiday season of feasting! :-)


ghina said...

I'm interested in the concept for Macro green Vegan bars (the main interest being "live" food). I'm also allergic to soy...well really I have a thyroid problem and so avoid soy.

Are there any samples of the bars available?

Anonymous said...

bring on the macro greens AND the weightloss packaged foods. How soon can we expect to purchase?

Anonymous said...

I would welcome ANY healthy snack foods. My meals are planned to be healthy, but snacks on the go often are disappointing.