Monday, December 22, 2008

Buh Bye to Original Constant Health and Upcoming Study

A labor of love, the original Constant Health is now on clearance. We have the new inventory in with improved flavoring (no lo han guo, an acquired taste in no-calorie sweeteners, apparently), double the protein, double the fiber, and a long-handled scoop (the men complained about the short-scoop more than the women!).

I talked to my dear friend, Lynda St. Dennis, a big Constant Health fan, and she said that to save some money she decided to buy the discounted Rich Chocolate version of Constant Health, even though she far prefers the French Vanilla (she actually said, even though "I don't really like the chocolate, I bought three jars"). I told Lynda to contact Teri and ask for the single packet Constant Health in vanilla, as they are an even better deal for 28 servings. She was a happy camper.

Teri was surprised by the larger jar (how come we hadn't told her!?) and we explained that it took a larger jar to hold twice the protein, but Teri just laughed and said she had to see things in person!

As most of my readers know, Constant Health was inspired by my dad's health problems and recovery (for a time on a mix of products that inspired our all-in-one formula). As the first inventory batch goes buh bye, I think of him and wish he could have been here to see Constant Health become a successful product (he wanted me to name it "Lifesaver" but a certain candy seems to already have that name and it seemed a bit hyperbolic anyway).

We'll be starting our clinical study using Constant Health in Dr. Rodier's clinic in Draper, Utah in the New Year, so stay tuned on what we find out. For now, thanks to all of you who have used Constant Health and given us the feedback to improve our formula! And, buh bye to the old inventory.

On my side, I'll miss that caramely-flavor of the lo han guo in our original Constant Health, but at least the stevia we used is the no-aftertaste version (I hated most stevia products until this one, which is more expensive).

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