Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blown Away by Live Blood Analysis at Hippocrates

I know, I know. A lot of web sites dismiss the value of live blood analysis. But I was blown away today by the analysis I received, which included assessment of today's blood draw, the original blood draw 3 weeks ago, and rings of blood indicating the last 3, 5 and 10 years in my life. The process is likened to reading the rings in a tree, assessing times of drought and stress and times of lush growth.

Usually, a healthy skepticism is never far from my mind. But the Hippocrates nurse correctly assessed how my health was back in 1998, when I used to juice veggies and fruits for breakfast every morning, avoided wheat and dairy products, got plenty of exercise and felt pretty happy in my life. She pointed to the balance of the blood and the protective layer around it and the density of red color. Her comment was that a little wisp on one side indicated that I was hard on myself but otherwise healthy.

Five years ago, my blood profile was still nice and balanced, but with allergies starting to show up (yep, I was starting to be careless and eating breads and dairy products).

Within the last three years, she said that a lot of emotional stress showed up, along with more signs of allergies, and parasites that were stealing vitamins and minerals from the supply chain.

Weird. Three years ago stress was way up in my business world. Two and a half years ago, my dad became critically ill and died almost a year and a half ago. A year ago, my mom fell and was not healing easily from her fall and I was flying back and forth to support her and her life and animals. This year, I've had a tough year emotionally for so many other reasons (I don't write about absolutely everything in this blog, although it may seem so at times!).

And all of this was visible in the live blood cell analysis. The body is a most amazing creation, with mind/body/emotions/spirit all showing themselves in a variety of ways, always integrated, if you know how to look and see what they are saying in their mostly non-verbal ways!

Today's blood draw showed cells that were "dancing" (moving easily and not stuck together in sticky masses). That's supposed to be very good. Yeah! She clucked a bit about some "old proteins" that were making some of the blood cells look like lemons rather than nice round skaters in the plasma. She said this was due to some old animal proteins that my body doesn't like.

Sheesh. I didn't tell her that I went off campus yesterday and had a lunch with salmon and veggies and a dinner with chicken and veggies. Oh yeah, and some fresh fruit. Saintly for most folks. I didn't even have a nibble of the bread plate (I've sworn off wheat). Nevertheless, my little outing with fish and chicken showed up in my blood draw today.

Some good news followed, when the nurse noted that the parasites are "resolving" and that my vitamins and minerals are in better shape (no more stealing by thieving parasites).

I know Dr. Rodier regularly does detoxification himself, including parasite elimination, given his international travel. I never thought of this as relevant--until now! I've been doing implants of vitamins and minerals and a microfine silver solution to address parasites and nutritional deficiencies.

Meanwhile, the nurse also commented that she saw a major purge of an emotional or mental nature (she interpreted this as letting go of something, perhaps even about being right about something). I told her that I had spent as much time journaling, breathing deeply, walking quietly, reflecting on things I had made too little time for when I was so busy in my life, as I did for anything else. She said it showed in my blood, that my blood shows no stress as of today, and that she doesn't usually see such a big emotional shift.

Okay, so I cheated with some animal protein, and it showed up, but I worked hard at being more mindful and peaceful, and this too showed up in today's blood draw. I have one more interpretation of my blood work with Anna Maria Clement, one of the directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute. We'll go over the quantitative numbers and I'll write about those separately.

For now, I find myself astonished by the miracle of life and the truly integrated nature of all things.

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