Friday, August 22, 2008

Nose Healing Nicely

For those of you who want to know the "rest of the story," my nose has been healing nicely, especially after yesterday. Alas, the dermatologist's assistant missed a part of a suture. I could see this little black spot and it didn't fizz up with the hydrogen peroxide I would dab on the wound twice a day.

I had Tess look at it yesterday, having become convinced a piece of a stitch was in there and needed to come out. She peered at my nose under a good light and agreed. However, it was too late to get in to the dermatologist's office (they don't work a full week down there!).

Tess said, "I can do it for you, I have all sorts of good tools!" I looked at her skeptically at first, but then took her up on it. After all, Tess used to be a vet tech in high school and early college and had assisted with all sorts of medical procedures.

We drove over to her house (also a home to two Siamese talkers who were indolently napping when we arrived). She worked on the spot for a minute or two and wondered at first if it wasn't a skin after all, then the aha moment came and she said, "It's teal. It's definitely a suture." She tugged with her little manicure scissors and finally freed a little tip and then said, "There's a knot in there."

I worried briefly that it would hurt to pull the knot out of my healing (almost fully healed) nose.

Tess got her fine tweezers out and finally got the little piece of teal plastic out. My skin was so happy, it seemed to make quantum strides overnight!

Thanks, Tess. You saved me a trip south and waiting around in the dead-dullest waiting room in the nation. :-)

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