Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 2 with a Nose Bandage from MOHS Surgery

It's a conversation starter, for sure. The owner of the next-door coffee shop, Toasters, made a joke about me getting into a fight. Enes, a Bosnian transplant to Salt Lake City, runs the Cheers bar of coffee shops -- the place where everyone knows your name -- and the banter is fit for sitcom t.v.! Enes's wife, Muberra, was far more empathetic and quite practical ("Good, at least it's all gone").

The bandage on my nose is about 2 by 4 inches. It's definitely worse for the wear on day 2. I can't wait to take it off (I can start changing it tomorrow morning). Fortunately, the pain is way down, unless I wrinkle my nose even the slightest bit that is!

The big question everyone asks? Did your surgeon do a good job? Dunno about the cosmetic result yet.

I'm sipping on a new (stable) Heart Plus powder (collagen producer that it is) and while we haven't found a fantastic flavor for a commercial product, I can tolerate spoonfuls of the formula with stevia and some agave nectar in water (easier than handfuls of tablets that can sometimes feel stuck halfway down even when they're not!).

We may go with a plain powder with some xylitol and let our members flavor it on their own or stash large amounts of Heart Plus in cottage cheese and flaxseed oil (otherwise known as the Budwig protocol, which Mike Ciell, R.Ph. and Bill Henderson endorse).

I tried my stash of Heart Plus powder in cottage cheese and with flaxseed oil today and thought it was quite tolerable. We'll see what the rest of the crew thinks, but I think only the most committed will try this particular combo.

Meanwhile, I'm just glad that blogging does not involve live video clips (not loving the bandaged nose look at all). :-(


barney36 said...

lol 2-4 inches thats HUGE do u have any pictures i really want to see it, it sounds hillariose!!! it sounds really painfull tho :( i hope it dosent hurt to much.

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

The incision was pretty small but the nose bandage was large and ugly for those first days. The divet in my nose was deep enough that the surgeon offered to patch a piece of skin from behind my ear on to my nose. I said "no thank you." Instead, I got a little injection of restylane to stretch the skin out and help collagen fill in below. The divet is much smaller and so I got away without the second surgery! Yeah! Cindy

barney36 said...

i'm glad to here your ears were left intact lol. and do you have any pictures or photos, i'm sorry to laugh at you but you have no idea how funny it is lol 2-4 inches hahaha :D

barney36 said...

go you for not needing the 2nd surgery :D!!! but skin from your ear? that sounds really wierd lol i would say no thank you aswell :) and do you have any pictures or photos of you wearing that massive bandage lol you have no idea how funny it is, sorry to laugh at you but, hahaha