Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Healing Touch Taken to Heart

According to research conducted at HealthEast Saint Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, "healing touch patients showed a greater decrease in anxiety scores when compared to visitor and control groups."

Barb MacIntyre, RN, was first author on the article, "The Efficacy of Healing Touch in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Recovery: A Randomized Clinical Trial."

Energy healing going mainstream. Yeah! Yet don't assume it's just the physical touch in healing touch that creates healing. According to MacIntyre's article:

"Healing touch is becoming more widely known at the bedside of hospitalized patints due to its roots in nursing via nursin theorists who have pioneered ideas regarding unified field theory. As such, it is not the technique alone that is important to the HT intervention but the rapport and partnership created with the patient going through a potentially life-transforming events. Practitioners of HT seek to facilitate the client's innate self-healing abilities, which may in part inspire consciousness--awareness, choice, acceptance, and balance."

Beautiful. After all, we are all entirely interconnected systems of energy -- and not just a separate broken heart or leaky gut or depressed soma.

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