Thursday, June 19, 2008

Constant Health Clinical Study

I had lunch with Dr. Rodier yesterday and brought up the topic of a study with Constant Health, since he keeps bragging about how well his patients are doing on Constant Health.

Dr. Rodier keeps saying, "The formula is actually quite strong. Tell everyone that 1 scoop a day is sufficient for maintenance programs and that you only need 1 scoop twice a day on detox programs."

Yeah! This means that a jar of Constant Health goes twice as far as we initally expected, which makes it more affordable.

Back to the study. Dr. Rodier put me in touch with the head of the nutrition division of the College of Health at the University of Utah. We're meeting on Monday afternoon to explore the potential for a clinical study using Constant Health. First we need a faculty member interested, so Monday, I'm hoping that despite the summer timeframe when faculty are scarce, that we have some bites and a few interested faculty members show up at my exploratory meeting.

Wish me luck in getting this study off the ground!

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