Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Blahs: Fish Oil, D3, Vitamin C

It's sunny again here in Park City, after some whiteout conditions on Sunday and later on Monday.

I had lunch with my dear friend, Dr. Hugo Rodier, yesterday and confessed to having the winter blahs. I attributed it to lack of sunshine.

Hugo asked about my vitamin D and omega 3 fish oil intake. Okay, so I slacked off while I was in Florida with my mom. Hugo recommended 5000 IU of vitamin D3 (I was only taking 1000-2000 IU previously and thought that was great, but with the blahs, more is recommended) . Hugo also advised that I be more conscientious about taking 4 grams of fish oil daily.

It's tough hiding anything from an integrative physician like Hugo. Get a little off course and he's there to gently remind you that your cells need a little more support. I appreciate that, of course.

Hugo will sometimes look at a person's nails and if there are any blotches whatsoever, he shakes his head and gives advice on immune system support. He will sometimes take someone's hand and notice redness in the fingers or coldness and recommend things for a healthy gut.

Another winter cycle involves periodic nosebleeds for me. Once upon a time, I would have chalked this annoying experience up to high altitude and extremely dry air, but Mike Ciell, an avid vitamin C buff and integrative pharmacist (actually, he prefers to go by "clinical biochemist" these days), advises bolstering vitamin C intake to support collagen production and thus eliminate nose bleeds.

I don't always take into account stress that hikes my body's vitamin C needs, but it just takes one nosebleed and I start boosting my intake before going to sleep. Works every time.

Why do I allow myself to get lazy on occasion, especially when supplements are my business? When my immune system is doing well and I'm not catching colds and I feel basically good -- and I get busy -- well, I confess, I slack off at times. My body reminds me most of the time, and when it doesn't, Hugo pitches in to help. :-)

With more omega 3's and vitamin D up again, I'm feeling better. It's also sunny and bright, and I can't help but be happy with so much stunning sunlight.

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