Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Secret of Life, Proteins & Mindfulness

Bruce Lipton, a Ph.D. cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, is speaking in the background (I'm all about my iTunes and audio of late and have Lipton's The Wisdom of Your Cells on CD playing).

Lipton is talking about the new physics, the invisible forces interacting with us all the time, and how our beliefs create vibrational energies that influence cause and effect in our own biologies.

He points out that mammograms are simple energy profiles of the underlying breast tissue. Different colors in the scan represent different frequencies and cancer has different vibrational energies than healthy tissue. Lipton talks about the concept of not manipulating the objectionable tissue (cancer) but changing the character of the tissue (its energy).

Lipton explains the concept of changing atoms and molecules using "interference patterns" to balance the system, with kidney stones, in another example on Disc 3.

Just as Ella Fitzgerald could explode crystal with the vibrational frequencies in her voice, modern medicine could benefit from reincorporating ancient healing practices to repattern unhealthy tissues rather than merely cut and excise these tissues.

In the CD playing, Lipton is sharing his perspective on the "secret of life." His answer comes in a two-syllable word: "movement."

"Without movement, there is no life. Animation is a character that distinguishes living things from non-living things. So the issue is 'what is movement?' Well, it's proteins changing shapes. How does that come about?"

"Okay, so now we're going to do a little discourse about what a protein is, how it acquires a shape, and then, the secret of life, how (a protein) changes shape and, in the process of changing shape, generates movement -- and that movement is harnessed to do the biological and physiological functions that we describe as life."

Lipton goes on to talk about how there are over 100,000 proteins, all of different lengths, with over 20 amino acids that get strung togethe in different sequences to create proteins, with energy signals informing protein how and when to change shape.

What happens in the case of disease? Lipton does an elegant job in explaining how life is essentially explained by the following equation:

Signals + proteins = behaviors

Since only a small percentage of the population carries birth defects that create mutated proteins that lead to disease, then 95% of disease is due to something else, namely faulty signalling between proteins.

Lipton talks about three things that affect normal, healthy cell signalling: trauma, toxins, and thoughts, with signals from the mind being the most important.

Cellular science. Biology. Newtonian physics. Quantum physics. Mind-body healing. It's all related, and as we start this New Year, I encourage all of us who tend to the physical things that support healthy cell signalling -- food, supplements, elimination of toxins, exercise -- to also attend to our mental practices and how they can contribute to healthy cells in our bodies.

If you are interested in participating in a Mindfulness for Health program through Our Health Co-op, please drop me a line, as I am in the process of designing a program that will support our members, who already have strong commitments to nutrition.


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