Monday, December 17, 2007

L-Carnitine for Energy, Cognition & Lean Muscle Mass

L-carnitine is in the news again for helping boost energy, cognition, and also lean muscle mass in the elderly. I think I qualify in just under three years, when I turn 50, so I pay attention to these studies more and more, even though the recent study was done on centenarians (yes, folks over 100).

In the December 2007 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the following results were reported, with a conclusion that l-carnitine may be "conditionally essential" for some people:

"Compared with the placebo group, the subjects who consumed the L-carnitine supplements showed the following significant improvements over the course of the study: decreased fat mass (–1.8 compared with 0.6 kg), increased muscle mass (3.8 compared with 0.8 kg), reduced physical and mental fatigue, and improved cognitive functions. Supplementation resulted in increased concentrations of carnitine in plasma but not in urine. There were no negative effects reported in any of the additional blood chemistries that were analyzed."

L-Carnitine. It was one of the ingredients I had to cut from Constant Health. I wish I could have kept everything in one formula, but cost and formula size were limiting factors.

I'm working on a second protein powder formula with all the stuff I couldn't fit in Constant Health (with a mix of eye, joint, brain, and skin protectors). It should mix nicely with Constant Health, as there won't be any of the pungeant and peppery herbs and spices in the Constant Health formula.

L-carnitine will be among the ingredients in the new powder formula.

Meanwhile, we do have L-Carnitine in capsules for those of you who like to mix and match (consider 2-4 capsules daily).

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