Friday, November 30, 2007

Constant Health Vanilla Latte & Chocolate Coffee

My friend, Evelyn, did try the French vanilla flavor of Constant Health in a cup of steamed milk for a Vanilla Latte protein booster. She liked it and everyone who tried it thought it was either good or just fine (hey, there was no coffee, so it's an unusual latte).

I brought the chocolate flavor of Constant Health home last night. Steve put coffee on this morning, as usual (yes, I'm spoiled in the mornings). I decided to put a scoop of chocolate Constant Health in my coffee. It's not quite as sweet as the vanilla flavor, so a little extra sweetener might have been nice, but I refrained. It's like I have Dr. Rodier's voice in my head scolding about "sweet death."

Protein powder in your coffee is definitely an acquired taste, but I actually kind of liked it the more I sipped. Steve tried it too and he said, "It's not wretched, I like it." Think: Mikey in those old Life commercials. You have to understand, Steve drinks his coffee black most of the time, so adding anything to his coffee and not hating it is big.

I shared with Steve that we considered him the target market for Constant Health at the two scoop level. He made a funny smile and shook his head. I think he was amused to hear he was the subject of another newsletter piece.

Teri shared that she stirred some vanilla Constant Health into her steel cut oatmeal porridge this morning and thought it was perfect that way. So our little Co-op tribe is happily experimenting with ways to use Constant Health in the mornings.

Hmmm. I wonder if we are the anomoly (if I'm influencing the experiment with my enthusiasm for this formula) or if others will also enjoy boosting their hot coffee and hot chocolate drinks and who knows what else.

My favorite flavor, by the way, is the French Vanilla. I like it in cold water (low cal) while I like the Rich Chocolate in a sweeter Vanilla Rice Milk or blended with a banana with nuts and such.

By the way, our flavoring goals were twofold: first to keep the formulas low in glycemic index and allow people to add more sweeteners to taste and second to create an overall flavor that blended well with other ingredients.

Far better in my mind for everyday use than some of the competitive products that taste and smell like Fruit Loops or aromatherapy gone wild.

If you are one of the early adopters, let me know how you like your Constant Health.

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