Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Constant Health Arrives At Last

Constant Health is finally in stock. Hard to believe. It feels like having a child, but it took a little longer, alas.

My mom is excited to taste the new chocolate flavor. One of our partners in Utah is eager to stock up. I have a taste-testing luncheon scheduled next week with a group of healthcare practitioners here in Salt Lake City. And, some of our persistent members have already discovered Constant Health in our catalog.

It's always good news when a product starts selling before you announce it. It's even better when people keep saying, "I think I need to try that!"

Eric Bell, our favorite Co-op chef (actually, he's an execuive chef, involved in the Slow Foods movement and savvy on all things organic and healthy) will be providing recipes for using Constant Health in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, my friend, Evelyn Rodriguez, in town to clean out her storage locker on her way to a new life in New Orleans, tried Constant Health today. Evelyn had dropped by my office and wanted to try the new formula, but we didn't have any rice milk, soy milk, or regular milk. I offered to mix up some of our French Vanilla stash in some cold water. Evelyn is a risk taker, so she was all for it. Her take?

"It tastes like chai, my favorite tea. Have you tried this as a latte?!"

Who knew someone would want to try the formula hot? I think this signfies a "hot" product in the making. Wanna try some?

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