Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cancer Cell Suicide & The Terrain

Programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis, is a normal part of cellular life. But cancer cells are notoriously resilient characters that are rather hard to kill.

However, there's some hot news off the press. According to HHMI:

"Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers have developed a small molecule that can turn the survival signal for a variety of cancer cells into a death signal. The molecule mimics the activity of Smac, a protein that triggers the suicide of some types of cancer cells."

Pretty interesting research. It means these new compounds may be used to target hard-to-treat cancers, like lung cancer, without the toxicity associated with most cancer treatments.

There's reason to applaud this kind of research -- it's good news, of course.

However, I'll still sound the bell for taking a lot better care of the trillions of normal cells in your body -- before disease sets in.

Dr. Rodier loves to quote Louis Pasteur's most memorable final words, "The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything." With even genetic predisposition, something has to turn cancer cells on. It's just not the case that everyone with a genetic wild card gets the "big C."

While not remotely related to cancer, my mom is recovering from a bad fall (came in to the hospital with a stage 4 wound, the worst kind).

Her wound doctor is impressed with her rate of recovery, attributing it to the nursing home protocol of including protein with every meal and extra protein shakes (loaded with corn syrup and who knows what else).

What the doc doesn't know is that Stephen and I have my mom on a special protocol, including two scoops of Constant Health and two scoops of whey protein to boost my mom's immune system and protein levels (wound healing capacity). Yes, she got the advance shipment and our regular inventory should be stocked by next week.

The Constant Health formula, which I designed with Dr. Rodier and a couple of naturopaths, is chock full of gentle rice protein and amino acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and detoxification agents, and the difference in my mom's energy, complexion, and wound healing rate is dramatic.

My mom's face was incredibly ruddy red (inflamed) and it was clear she was nutritionally bereft when she came in (she refused to take her supplements before falling and had some bad habits with her diet). After four weeks on her shakes, her skin is returning to a more natural color, the scabs on her knees have healed up nicely, and her joints are feeling better.

My mom's "terrain" is healing and it shows on the outside.

My dad didn't make it long enough to use the product that his illness inspired, but my mom is the first major beneficiary of Constant Health.

And, while my mom is not fighting cancer, the significant amounts of anti-inflammatory curry spices (turmeric and boswellia) and many other immune system boosters (red raspberry seeds, quercetin, n-acetyl-cysteine, glutamine, selenium, etc.) in Constant Health are all well-known for their anti-cancer, I mean, terrain-improving, capacities.

One of the best things? My mom loves the taste of the French Vanilla version of Constant Health. She's said so, over and over. All I can say is yay!


CB said...

The new product Constant Health sounds very good. However I have one concern about the inclusion of NAC since Dr. Mercola has sounded the alarm about it. He has the information on his site.

Cindy Marteney, CEO, Our Health Co-op said...

Dr. Mercola mentioned a University of Virginia mouse study with VERY large doses of N-acetyl-cysteine and cautioned about large doses of NAC (typically used by body-builders).

Mercola consulted with Dr. William LaValley of Austin, who feels 200-500mg of NAC daily is safe (he regularly uses NAC in his own clinical practice and considers it an important ingredient in anti-aging formulas).

Dr. Hugo Rodier, adjunct faculty at the University of Utah School of Medicine, supports the use of n-acetyl-cysteine for all cellular and liver detoxification efforts.

Like Dr. LaValley, Dr. Rodier has used NAC liberally in his practice of treating chronic disease,all without ill effects.

Constant Health has a dosage of 300mg n-acetyl-cysteine per two scoops, which is the higher detoxification protocol level. And, yet, this dose is still well within the safety threshold set by Mercola's colleague, Dr. LaValley.

At the daily maintenance level of Constant Health of one scoop daily, the dose of NAC is cut in half to 150mg, which is still a substantive glutathione booster, but drops down to a low level that should not be troublesome for most people.

As with all supplements, however, consumers should consult with their physician or healthcare practitioner if they are on prescription meds, as there are supplement-drug interactions to be considered and monitored.

A good quick (and often conservative) reference online is at www.pdrhealth.com (Physician's Desk Reference).

Thanks for taking the time to read about and comment on our new Constant Health formula.

Warm regards,

Dr .Hugo Rodier said...

600 mg is considered the standard dose, but the New England J. Medicine published an article stating as much as 600 mg three times day was fine for pulmonary fibrosis.

I wouldn't use that high of a dose routinely, but in certain cases I would.

A pharmaceutically high dose cannot be ruled out if monitored by a doctor, especially when there is nothing else to do for certain patients.